Lancaster County Pennsylvania

A Very Special Place

Lancaster County is well known for its beautiful farms, rich history, charming towns, Amish communities, farmer’s markets, arts & crafts and enviable quality of life. It’s no surprise that we’re growing.

The Hourglass

The Hourglass was formed to champion and facilitate effective growth management in order to make Lancaster County an even better place to live, work and visit. We believe that Lancaster County can have growth and economic prosperity without losing its unique character and enviable quality of life.
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A new website designed by the Hourglass to promote tourism in downtown Lancaster.  The site captures the unique Lancaster experience by focusing on the downtown’s rich history and all the exciting things to see and do - the art galleries, museums, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.  Check it out at


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2018 State of Education in Pennsylvania
With nearly 90% of Pennsylvania’s school age children enrolled in a public school, public education is the best investment Pennsylvania can make in its future.  Yet, our public schools face ever mounting pressure from mandated costs like pensions, uncertainty surrounding the future of state assessments, and ensuring every student is able to reach their full potential while being accountable to policymakers and taxpayers.

Where Politics Can Still Work in America: Our Towns, U.S.A.
Civic coalitions are succeeding at revitalizing old towns where governmental efforts have failed.

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