Information Center

Current Hourglass Initiatives
Legacy issues impacting quality of life in Lancaster County that demand thorough investigative, objective analysis and fresh thinking.

Hourglass Quality-Of-Life Connectivity Model
Growth management decisions must be made carefully and diligently with an insightful vision, clear understanding and informed awareness of the far reaching effects on the entire county. Every effective decision must be responsive to five interrelated criteria.

Hourglass Legacy Model
Some decisions are so important that wrong solutions can leave a lasting negative effect on Lancaster County. The Hourglass has created a model to help identify critical issues, provide information and perspective to stimulate discussion, and createed an environment for informed decision making.

Favorite Websites
There are groups and organizations throughout the country who are faced with similar problems, who have interesting insights, who have created or assembled interesting information, and who have solved problems much like ours.

Lancaster County
There are 60 municipalities in Lancaster County - (1) City, (18) Boroughs and (41) Townships.