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“Change is Brewing” Alarming Trends Emerge as Groups Push for Local Government Reform
Convention Centers - Brookings
Sustainability of Agriculture
Technology And Tolerance
Good Projects Here Will Stay on PA Funding List
Many Happy Returns

Economy Report
Lancaster Economy Report 2007
Lancaster Economy Report 2008
Lancaster Economy Report 2009
Lancaster Economy Report 2010
Lancaster Economy Report 2011
Lancaster Economy Report 2012

Lancaster Economy
The Past & Future of Community Development
Public Schools & Economic Development
Committing to Prosperity - Brookings
Economic Development and Redevelopment
Forward to Prosperity
Geography Seen As Barrier To Climbing Class Ladder
Market Based Community Economic Development
Six Ways Cities Can Reach Their Economic Potential
State, Local Fiscal Burdens Drag on Economic Recovery

Northwest Gateway
LGHealth, F&M Enter Fourth Phase of Northwest Gateway Project

Bigger Classes Fewer Choices
Four Ideas For Fixing Higher Education
Grouping Students By Ability Regains Favor In Classroom
In Missouri Race Complicates A Transfer To Better Schools
Is This Any Way To Fund Schools
Private Preschools See More Public Funds As Classes Grow
Sal Khan Is A Can Do Guy
Shifting Focus On Education
States Shifting Aid For Schools To The Families
Study Gauges Value of Technology in Schools
Texas Considers Backtracking on Testing
A Bold Bid for Better Schools
Language Gap Study Bolsters a Push for Pre K
The Universal Pre K Fallacy
Manufacturing Job Growth Prompts K-12 Training Effort
Schools Need Local Control
Why Other Countries Teach Better
Slow Internet Vexes Schools
Preschool Push Moving Ahead in Many States
Pre-K The Great Debate
How to Get More Early Bloomers
California Kids Go to Court to Demand a Good Education
Let’s Keep the Best Teachers
Sesame Street Aims to Boost Kids Health
A Look at Public Education in Pennsylvania
Public Education in Pennsylvania - Issues and Options
PA Considering a Big Change in State Education
The Big Learning Flip
School Property Taxes Inching Up Again
Vermont School Districts Consider Consolidation
For Schools Long Road to a Level Playing Field
Gov. Corbett Unveils New Web-Based Resource for PA’s Students, Teachers and Parents
Gallup Poll - Part I - Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools
Gallup Poll - Part II - Public’s Attitudes Toward the Public Schools
Schools Break Free of the Classroom
Skill Gap vs. Vocational Taboo
Schools Better Still Behind Internationally Study Says
The Best Language for Learning Math
The Plot Against Public Education
A Musical Fix for U.S. Schools
The Building Blocks of a Good Pre-K
Nation’s Wealthy Places Pour Private Money Into Public Schools, Study Finds
The Impact of High-Quality Pre-K on K-12 Education
Nuts & Bolts Education
Old Tactic Gets New Use:  Schools Separate Girls and Boys
School Consolidation Study:  Costs Likely to Outweigh Savings
Study Finds Reading to Children of All Ages Grooms Them to Read More on Their Own
Closing Education Gap Will Lift Economy a Study Finds
Education’s New Leaders Face Huge Challenges
Five Big Ways Education Will Change by 2020

Education Funding
Basic Education Funding Commission Eyes Florida Model - Complete Report

School Choice
Inside the Nations Biggest Experiment in School Choice
PA Lawmakers to Scrutinize Charters Cost to Taxpayers
Keep Following the Money: Financial Accountability and Governance of Cyber Charter Schools
Analysis Shows Charter Schools Have Outsized Influence on PA Politics

School Districts
Aument Bill Offers Incentive to Share

Teacher Pensions
Pension Promise Local Teachers Call Reform Unfair
The Pension Sink Is Gulping Billions in Tax Raises

Pay Raises for Teachers with Masters Under Fire
An Industry of Mediocrity
Preparing Teachers for the Classroom
The Fall of Teacher Unions
Ending Teacher Tenure Would Have Little Impact on its Own
Toward Better Teachers
A Lesson Plan for A+ Teachers
States Told to Set Plans for Equality in Teaching
To Block Union Power School Reformers Try Courts

Rental, Condo, Homes
Paycheck to Paycheck
High End Urban Appeal
Housing Sales Fall in 40 States
Housing Crisis Hits Home Here
State Trust Fund Could Offer Solution
New-Home Building is Shifting to Apartments
Forgotten Community Fears Change
In Many Cities Rent Is Rising Out of Reach of Middle Class
City of Lancaster Housing Market Analysis Summary 2013
Lancaster County Rental Housing Needs Analysis 2013
Building Code Information and Observations
As Rental Market Turns, Bedrooms Replace Cubicles
New Math of Renting vs Buying
New Housing Coalition Makes Rentals a Priority
Priced Out Middle Class Moves Inland
Shift to Renting Won’t Let Up

The Last Resort - Report Shows 30 Percent Increase in Homeless Students in County
The Last Resort - With Rental Units in Short Supply, Families Have Few Options
From Empty Nest to Aerie
Supervisors Block Plan for 138 Apartments
Wolf’s Fight For Affordable Housing Resonates in Midstate

Senior Appeal


Cities Begin Hiring Again
Groundswell Builds For Workforce
Impact Fees & Job Growth
Jobs Are Back In Town
Stubborn Skills Gap in Americas Work Force
Training Plan Would Bolster Manufacturing Workforce
Smallville USA Fades Further
For A Change Downtowns Are Where the New Jobs Are
Commissioners Sell Erin Court Offices to Home Builder, Passing on Chance to Create 70 High-Tech Jobs
Higher Education and Workforce Policy: Creating More Skilled Workers (and Jobs for Them to Fill)
For More Cities, Downtown Is A Center of Strength

Business Improvement
Assets Lancaster Surveys South City Businesses
City Businesses Find CRIZ Paperwork Cumbersome
CRIZ 2.0 Big Things Expected From Revamped Tax Incentive
The Lure of Downtown

New Businesses
Teeing Up Success
City Entrepreneurs Plan 50 Plus Room Surveyor Hotel in Downtown Lancaster

Millennials in Adulthood
Hypersonic Connection
Political Ground Shifts in Suburbs
No Picket Fence: Younger Adults Opting to Rent
A Place Of Their Own
Youth Influx Revives Cities

Geography Seen As Barrier To Climbing Class Ladder
Poverty in the Suburbs Part 1
Poverty in the Suburbs Part 2
The Best and Worst Places to Grow Up: How Your Area Compares
Commission Is Seen As Lacking Outreach, Ideas
Integrating Schools to Boost Achievement

Property Tax
New Push to Repeal Property Taxes
Strapped Cities Press Colleges to Ante Up
School Tax Reformers Face Hard Alternatives
Taxes Up in 15 of 17 School Districts
States Grapple With Unpopular Property Taxes
Mayor Says Residents Face Tax Hike
How High Could School Property Taxes Go Next Year?

Warning Signs WSJ
Taxation Compilation
States Look to Boost Taxes

Diverse Destination
Flurry of Tourism Funding Issues on PA Lawmakers Docket for Fall
Tourisms Impact
Amish No Longer Dominate Tourism in Lancaster County
Share Your Photos of Lancaster County in Visitors Bureau Contest

State of the Unions