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Energy Issues
Ocean Thermal Raises $8M With Reverse Merger
Court Rejects PUC’s Review of Natural Gas Ordinances, Upholds Other Portions of Act 13
Railcar Bottleneck Looms Over Oil
Evacuation After Derailment
Don’t Drill Along the East Coast
Wrecks Hit Tough Tank Cars
Danger Around the Bend
Disaster Plans for Oil Trains
Wall Street Journal Report - Energy May 2015
DOT Issues Final Rules on Flammable Oil Trains
How To Transport Oil More Safely

An Ethanol Plant Proposed for Lancaster County
Ethanol and Renewable Fuel Standard Threaten Pennsylvania Consumers and Industry
Florida Plant is First to Produce Advanced Ethanol
Hitting the Brake on Ethanol
Dual Turning Point for Biofuels

Fracking - Marcellus Shale
Fracking Dreams of a New Ice Age
So Much Shale Oil   But So Hard to Get
Supporting Oil and Gas But Resisting Encroachment
Crossing Shales Fault Lines
Energy Boom Puts Wells in Americas Backyards
U S Shale Producers Drilling Bigger Faster Wells
Pipeline Economics
Pennsylvania Court Lets Towns Limit Drilling
After Drought More Oil and Gas Drillers Begin Recycling Water for Fracking Operations
Pennsylvania Other States Confirm Water Pollution From Natural Gas Drilling
Marcellus Shale Area Detailing Wells Drilled
PA Supremes Defy Governor’s Land Grab
PA’s Top Court Strikes Blow for Environment
Pennsylvania Court Lets Towns Limit Drilling
State Trust Fund Could Offer Solution
Coal Plants Shut by Marcellus Glut
PA Supremes Defy Governor’s Land Grab
PA’s Top Court Strikes Blow for Environment
Ohio Limits Fracking After Series of Quakes
Drilling Suspended After Earthquakes in Ohio; Fracking Possibly to Blame
Drillers Won’t Abandon PA
Could PA’s Natural Gas Be a Factor in Ukraine Crisis
California’s Thirst Shapes Debate Over Fracking
EPA Weighs Fracking Disclosure Rule
Pennsylvania Voters Back Fracking But Not in Parks, Quinnipiac University Poll Finds
Anti-Fracking Win in NY Court May Deal Blow to Industry
New York Towns Can Prohibit Fracking State’s Top Court Rules
Exaggerating the Employment Impacts of Shale Drilling How and Why
Firms Seek to Address Fracking Concerns
North Dakota’s Latest Fracking Problem
Williams Partners Answers Questions About Proposed 35 Mile Gas Pipeline Through Lancaster County
Researchers: 4 in 10 Oil, Gas Wells in PA’s Shale Region Likely to Fail
DEP Considers Rules on Tremors and Fracking
Families Sick From Fracking Turn to Scientists
Marcellus Natural Gas Hits Production Record
Shale Drillers’ Landfill Records Don’t Match Those of PA DEP
EPA Changes Course on Injection Well Approval
Be Careful About Taxes on Natural Gas Drilling
Promoters See Energy Hub, Economic Revival in Transmission of Marcellus Fuel
In Texas a Fight Over Fracking
Shale Oil’s Secret Routes to Market
Where Oil and Politics Mix
PA Lawmaker Floats New Severance Tax Proposal as Industry Pushes Back
Assessing the Impact of a Severance Tax for PA
Capturing Value - Methane Policy Brief
Governor Plans to Update Rules on Gas Industry
Wolf Proposes 5 Percent Tax on Drillers
Obama Administration Unveils Federal Fracking Regulations
PA Raised 19M From Leases to Drill Beneath Waterways
Chemicals Used in Fracking Are Detected in PA Drinking Water
The Great Oil Debate
Frackers Who Drove Boom Struggle to Survive

Gas Pipeline
Pipeline Controversy
Much Pain Not Much Local Gain   Pipeline Controversy
A Look at US Agency That Has Power Over Pipeline
In Northeast It’s Pipeline vs. Pastures
Pipeline Company Posts Answers to “Misconceptions” About Project
Energy Boom Brings New Focus on Rail, Pipeline Safety
Natural-Gas Pipeline With Ties to Midstate Move Forward
Pipeline Firm to Fund Projects

Clearing the Air
Justices Hear Case on Cross-State Pollution Rules
Eastern States Press Midwest to Improve Air
Ozone and Air Quality in Lancaster Pennsylvania
Congested Area - Expect Delays
Lancaster City a National Model for Green Infrastructure
Going Green Will Save Lancaster in Controlling Storm Water - New EPA Report Documents Savings

Chesapeake Bay
Cleaning Up the Chesapeake Bay - The Challenge for Lancaster County
New Solution for Bay Pollution
From Alaska to Florida 21 States Join Fight to Halt Chesapeake Bay Cleanup
Cleaner Water
The Farm Bureau Had It Wrong on Chesapeake Bay Clean-up
21 States Join Fight to Halt Chesapeake Bay Cleanup
Challenge to Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Tests EPA Power
PA Won’t Defend Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Plan in Court But “Actively Supports It”
Officials Oppose EPA Proposal
Pennsylvania Milestones Report 2012-2013 Final Assessment
PA Hindering Chesapeake Bay Cleanup
DEP to Draft Bay Action Plan
EPA Gives Poor Marks to PA on Protecting Chesapeake Bay Watershed
The War Over Chesapeake Bay
Pennsylvania Lags on Chesapeake Bay Cleanup
Pennsylvania Contemplates Bottom-Up Bay Plan

Susquehanna River
Susquehanna on the Mend

Water Resources
Paving to Shortages
Protecting Water Resources with High Density Development
Is Lancaster County Running Out of Water?
Is Lancaster County Running Out of Water - Forum Transcript
Water - the Indispensable Infrastructure
Lawmakers Push EPA For More Time on Water Rule
Official New Regs on Water Overkill
Chemical Spill Sets Off a Waste Dispute
Nature Unplugged
The Risks of Cheap Water
Farmland Trust Targets Improvements to Watershed

Wild Life
Tiny Turtle Halts Huge Housing Project