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Ten Steps to A Living Downtown

Census Shows City on the Rise
Midstate Population Growth Leads Across PA

Putting Development Where the Money Is
New Path for Developers
Contemporary Land Use Part II - Issues and Trends in Regional Development, Forum Transcript
New Urbanism
Measuring Sprawl 2014

Cash No Substitute for Land
Star’s Departure in Doubt
Growing Vertical - Skyscraper Farming
Farmland Preservation

Farm Conservation
How To Work With The Amish On Conservation

After Detroit Who Is Next
Billions in Debt Detroit Tumbles Into Insolvency
Detroit Looks to Health Law to Ease Costs
Detroit Wins a Round in Bankruptcy Court
Detroit’s Bankruptcy Sparks Pension Brawl
Harrisburg Sees Path to Restructuring Debts Without Bankruptcy
Task Force Report Urges Municipalities to Stop Hiding Fiscal Troubles
Sweeping Changes to Act 47 Proposed in Harrisburg

City Execs Welcome Audit News
Lancaster City is Financially Sound
Senate Panel Restricts Swap Use
A Harbinger of U.S. Woes

County Commissioners
No Choice But to Take a Raise
Commissioners List Goals for 2014
History of Block Grants - The Brookings Institution

Nikoloff Resigns as EDC Leader
Daniel R. Porterfield
John Anderson at Millersville University
Opportunity of a Lifetime

Municipal Pensions
A Plan to Avert the Pension Crisis
Chicago Sees Pension Crisis Drawing Near
City Execs Welcome Audit News
Cries of Betrayal as Detroit Plans to Cut Pensions
Detroit’s Bankruptcy Sparks Pension Brawl
Detroit’s Pension Funds Faulted in Investigative Report
Facing Up to Americas Pension Woes
Fight on Detroit Retiree Funds Looms
With Transportation Done Lawmaker Talks Pensions
Cartoon - Pension Issue
Pension Overhaul is Softened
Fiscal Health of State Pension Plans:  Funding Gap Continues to Grow
State’s Deal on Pension Overhaul Falls Apart
Pennsylvania Needs To Get Serious With Pension Reform
Some Pooled Pensions Are Beyond Recovery
Pew Charitable Trusts Pension Project Has Advice for PA Pension Debate
Kentucky’s Successful Public Pension Reform
Retirement Royalty: Where Workers Still Get a Pension
PA Pension Crisis Timeline
Public Pensions: Municipal Pension Reform Needed Now
Public Pensions: Bring Pennsylvania into 21st Century
Public Pensions: We Must Address School Employee Pensions Too
Public Pensions: It’s a Debt Crisis, Not a Pension Crisis
Public Pensions: From Surplus to Deficit
PA Municipal Pension Debt Approaching $8B
Pension Bill Seen as Model for Further Cuts
Even as PAs Public Pension Contributions Rise, So Does the Pension Systems’ Unfunded Liability
Calpers Gets Schooled
Covering Up The Pension Crisis

Municipal Unions
Health Care Law Raises Pressure on Public Unions

State Legislature
New Law Millions for City Fixups
Pennsylvania’s Misfortune
Bonusgate Grand Jury Recommends Sweeping Reforms
Bonusgate Grand Jury Report
Costs of Legislatures

Governor’s Office
Pennsylvania Tackles Deficit

Midstate Population Growth Leads Across PA
Stranded by Sprawl
Costs of Sprawl
Urban Growth Boundaries
Suburban Sprawl and Legislative Solutions, Forum Transcript
Why Johnny Can’t Walk to School - Historic Neighborhood Schools in the Age of Sprawl
Urban Living Demands Flexible Designs to Meet Requirements
Still Sprawling
Planners Seek Input With Survey, Forums
When Cities Spurn Growth, Equality Suffers
Cities Tweak Zoning to Balance Growth
No Place For Smart Growth in East Earl

Noble Plan
Crossings Concepts Center of Criticism
Bigger Still Has Its Place

Harrisburg Sees Path to Restructuring Debts Without Bankruptcy
Regional Planning

Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee
LIMC Limits Exits From COG Raise Concerns Over Cooperation

City Drops Plans to Renovate Armory
City Revitalization and Improvement Zones Program Offers Tool for Third Class Cities
Long Home Plan Discussed
New Law   Millions for City Fixups
Noble Plan
Star’s Departure in Doubt
Drexel Works With Amtrak and Other Agencies to Freshen Up Philadelphia
Delaware Is Building a Strategy To Lift Some Cities Economies
Washington Neighborhood Is Remade For Young Urbanites
County OKs Plans to Alleviate Blight

Might Rezoning in Clay Twp Lead to Development
Mount Joy Township Rezones 185 Acres