Keeping Lancaster Current
A bi-weekly electronic publication launched to disseminate current information to local leaders and constituents on a variety of growth management and legacy issues facing Lancaster County.

An eight-page printed publication written by the Hourglass and mailed out to Hourglass supporters four times a year.  Articles cover a wide range of subjects affecting quality of life in Lancaster County.

Quality of Life Surveys
Starting in 1998, 2000, and 2002 the Hourglass has conducted a series of surveys of Lancaster County residents on their perception of quality of life in the County and those issues affecting them. While not repeated recently, the findings are still relevant.

Forums, White Papers and Articles
Periodically the Hourglass holds public forums and publishes papers on current issues and topics of interest.  Read the white papers and transcripts/summaries of the forums.

First Friday Forum Highlights
Once a month invited community leaders spend the lunch hour discussing topics of interest.  Highlights of these discussion are posted here for ideas and inspiration. The forums are by invitation only.

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