First Friday Forum Highlights

2010 First Friday Forum Highlights

December 2010 Forum Highlights

Kevin Molloy, Executive Director, LCCCA
Josh Nowak, Marriott Sales and Marketing Director
Lancaster County Convention Center Authority & Marriott Penn Square - An Update and Forecast

November 2010 Forum Highlights

Scott Sheely, Executive Director - Lancaster Co. Workforce Investment Board (WIB)
Lancaster County Jobs and The Outlook

October 2010 Forum Highlights

Mark B. Esterbrook, CEO
Community Action Program of Lancaster County

September 2010 Forum Highlights

Lisa Riggs, Executive Director - James Street Improvement District
City of Lancaster and JSID Lancaster Redevelopment Opportunities

August 2010 Forum Highlights

Charlotte Katzenmoyer, Director of Public Works - City of Lancaster
John Hershey, Thomas Comitta Associates, Inc.
Lancaster’s Urban Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan

July 2010 Forum Highlights

Scott Standish, Director for Long-Range and Heritage Planning - Lancaster County Planning Commission
Making Places, Creating Destinations

June 2010 Forum Highlights

Thomas Ginsberg, Project Director, Philadelphia Research Initiative - Pew Charitable Trusts
The Painful Process of Balancing City’s Budgets

May 2010 Forum Highlights

Patrick Hopkins, Director of Administrative Services - City of Lancaster
City’s Future? Show Me the Money

April 2010 Forum Highlights

Mark Vergenes and Tom Mathews, Lancaster Parking Authority
Parking Re-Visited

March 2010 Forum Highlights

James DeBord, Director - York Counts
An Update From Our Neighbors - York Counts

February 2010 Forum Highlights

Tom Smithgall and John Ahlfeld, Lancaster Co. Transportation Authority Board Members
All Aboard - Amtrak Station Project

January 2010 Forum Highlights

Board of County Commissioners
Ask the Commissioners