First Friday Forum Highlights

2012 First Friday Forum Highlights

December 2012 Forum Highlights

Downtown Residential Development - Current & Future Projects
Ed Drogaris, President & CEO - Drogaris Companies

November 2012 Forum Highlights

Can Lancaster Avoid a “Distress” Situation Like Harrisburg?
J. Richard Gray, Mayor - City of Lancaster

October 2012 Forum Highlights

Music for Everyone
John Gerdy, Executive Director - Music for Everyone

September 2012 Forum Highlights

Economic Development - From the Bottom Up
Peter Greer, Hope International - President

August 2012 Forum Highlights

School District of Lancaster (SDoL) - Changing Times in Education
Pedro Rivera, School District of Lancaster - Superintendent
Matt Przuwara, School District of Lancaster - Chief Financial and Operations Officer

July 2012 Forum Highlights

The Lancaster Downtown Investment District (DID)
Marshall Snively, Interim President - James St. Improvement District
Randy Patterson, Director of the Economic Development and Neighborhood Revitalization

June 2012 Forum Highlights

Building a Community-Based Re-Entry Management System in Lancaster County
Scott Sheely, Lancaster County Workforce Investment Board - Executive Director
Melanie Snyder, Lancaster County Re-Entry Management Organization

May 2012 Forum Highlights

Cleaning Up the Bay
Michael T. LaSala, The Lancaster Inter-Municipal Committee - Executive Director

April 2012 Forum Highlights

Wallover Associates
TLC Aquatics Center - Burle Business Park

March 2012 Forum Highlights

John Hershey, RLA - RGS Associates, Inc.
Preserving the Cultural Landscape at the Mayer-Hess Farmstead

February 2012 Forum Highlights

Dr. Thomas Ryan, President & CEO

January 2012 Forum Highlights

County Board of Commissioners