Keeping Lancaster Current

2019 Publications

  • March 13, 2019

    A Checklist of Local Government Reform
    8 Things Your Town Can do to Add More Housing (Without Spending a Dime)
    The ‘Heartbreaking’ Decrease in Black Homeownership
    Opportunity Zones will Help Those Who Help Themselves
    New Year, Same Debate? Washington Needs a Fresh Infrastructure Approach

  • February 26, 2019

    Renting the American Dream
    Wall Street Sets Sights on Distressed Main Streets
    Event: Municipal Options for Meeting MS4 Compliance
    Solar Jobs Grow in Pennsylvania While Declining Nationally
    Brookings Survey Finds 51 Percent Prefer Digital Access to Government Services
    The Urban Design Problem That’s Killing Pedestrians and Cyclists

  • February 12, 2019

    The Once and Future Neighborhood
    The Hidden Value of a Poor Neighborhood
    One Line of Your Zoning Code Can Make a World of Difference
    Why Urban Design Should Come From the Bottom Up

  • January 24, 2019

    Still Dangerous (And Deadly) By Design
    Yes, There are Still Carless Poor
    Mileage Fee or Annual Fee for Electric Vehicles
    Walkability Indexes Are Flawed
    Experience is the New Buzzword for Walkable Town Centers

  • January 3, 2019

    Artists and Engineers: A New Relationship
    Coalition of States To Work To Curb Transportation Emissions
    Transportation 2019 - Looking Back, Looking Ahead
    10 Principles Toward More Sharing and Less Sprawl
    A Non-Cyclist’s Case for Bike Lanes