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              Tuesday, April 3, 2018
              6:30 p.m.
              Fulton Theatre    
              12 North Prince St.
              Lancaster, PA 17603

Friedman forum page

Acceleration of change is affecting everything. This forum addresses how to keep up. Mr. Friedman will discuss his new book, Thank You For Being Late, providing an excellent resource to challenge decision makers to blend the incredible acceleration of change in technology, the natural environment, and globalization with the imperative to respond through local decision making. 

Using his well-known wit, wisdom, and optimism, Mr. Friedman will discuss how to survive and prosper in an age of acceleration by re-imagining education, jobs, and community.  Be prepared to see things in different ways.

      Seats   $100 Each

To order tickets complete this form and return with your payment to the address below:

      104 West Chestnut St., 3rd Floor
      Lancaster, PA 17603

      Or Call 717-295-0755