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September 27, 2011 Public Schools In Crisis - How Bad Can It Get?

The reality is that public schools as we know them, can’t survive the next few years.  It’s simple arithmetic - school revenues are flat or declining while expenses are rising dramatically.  Many of the costs are beyond control, without much needed legislative changes.

The crisis is worse than we thought.  Salaries, healthcare costs, utility costs, and, most importantly, mandated teacher pensions must be paid.  Reduced State funding makes the problem even more acute.

Educators are being fired, programs dropped, and schools closed.  No one will escape the pain: taxpayers, teachers, students, unions, and legislators.  Learn what can be done to minimize the pain and how innovative thinking can help.

How Bad Can it Get? - Charles F. Milner, Jr., President - Hourglass Foundation


Panel Discussion of Local Elected State Officials and The Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Panel Participants:
The Honorable Ronald J. Tomalis, Secretary - Pennsylvania Department of Education
Senator Lloyd Smucker
Representative Scott Boyd